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7 Reasons Why you need To Pamper Yourself

For some reason, over the course of a few months, I’ve slowly started to feel myself starting to not “Feel Myself” Any More. I realized that I almost started dreading having to get ready & presentable for my day. I started to fall into a slump and lose site of things that make me happy and feel good. After having a heart to heart moment with a close friend of mine, we came to the conclusion that it is very important for every women to look and feel her best. ITS TRUE, if you look good, you feel good. (Or at least better).

Here are a list of reasons on why and how you should pamper yourself.

  1. Self Love

    Its important to love yourself first and foremost. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself in various different aspects such as health, appearance, etc.

  2. Treat Yourself

    Every week or very other week do at least one thing that you know that will make you feel good because you deserve it.

  3. Enjoy Your Alone Time

    Its okay to do things by yourself! Take a trip, Get your nails done, take yourself out to eat. Understand that you don’t need to rely on anyone in order to be happy.

  4. Meditate

    Take the time to take care of your spiritual and mental well being. Doing meditations/ Yoga is well worth your inner peace!

  5. Switch Up your look

    Sometimes its necessary for us to change up our look in order to get out of this slump. Change your hair color or step outside your comfort zone with different styles.

  6. Have a Spa Day

    Wether its at your house, or at a local spa..take the time to make yourself feel good! They’re  plenty of DIY face masks to do at home and it can be something very small and simple like having a candle lit bubble bath.

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