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1o Lessons Learned

1. The only responsibility I have is to nourish and take care of myself. I am the only person and only I have to take care.
2. It’s important to forgive yourself, and trust me you have not committed any crime some things are just part of life, accept them and move on. There are many people out there who have committed many nasty things but still they live happily. So you have to forgive yourself you don’t need anybody’s forgiveness, your job is forgive yourself.
3. “ Chase your dreams not people” I really don’t know who wrote this line. But this line is simply great. Right people will be coming at right time simply do your work.
4. It’s fine if you have failed in your finals, it’s fine if your parents fought a lot on their 25th wedding anniversary, it’s completely fine you had a breakup. It’s completely fine if you are still struggling. Every season is not winter.
The only job you have right now is to turn 2018 into 12month Indian summer.
5. Don’t chase love, let your man make some efforts before he comes into your life. Simply do your job.
6. Life is not predictable even if you got rich parents and blessed with all other things. We all have ups and downs. It’s important to live your mark and make world a better place to live.
7. Small acts of gratitude are most important because you really don’t when they turn into miracles and come before you.
8. Always trust God. You will have a difficult time but you really don’t know what would be the level of difficulty or discomfort if he was not there for you. So pray daily, praying is equivalent to miracles.
9. Life is simply beautiful, change of perception is necessary in order to experience its beauty.
10. Just feel blessed

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